Introducing The Kabuto's, 4,444 groundbreaking artworks that merges the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with the power of Cryptocurrency. This innovative project aims to revolutionize the digital art and collectibles industry by providing a seamless integration of NFTs with a native cryptocurrency.

We are hands mixing of former anime creators which is small team but ex-work big anime studios (Kyoto, wit and Ghibli). We create this with mixed our each individual skill. So, every members have determine of every traits and model. It's fun and amazing.

What sets The Kabuto's apart is its integration of a native cryptocurrency. Users can also transact, buy, and sell these exclusive NFTs using the project’s cryptocurrency, allowing for a secure and decentralized marketplace. The cryptocurrency also serves as an incentive for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts who actively participate in the project's ecosystem.

By combining NFTs with cryptocurrency, The Kabuto's get assistance and advice by TRON Economic Team. using unique tokenomics and proper contracts that would maintain every value of the investment. Even so the Token is Ethereum based (ERC20) following main project.

As the NFT industry rapidly evolves, The Kabuto's stays ahead of the curve by continuously exploring new avenues for digital expression. With its forward-thinking approach, cutting-edge technology, and integration with cryptocurrency, this project promotes the democratization of digital art and revolutionizes the way we perceive creativity in the digital age.

Join The Kabuto's and be part of a vibrant community that celebrates the marriage of NFTs and cryptocurrency, unlocking limitless possibilities and transforming the world of digital art and collectibles like never before.


The hineno-jikoro, the creation of an armourer known as Hineno Oribe-no-Kami, was very popular during the latter part of the sixteenth century. It was closer fitting, quite protective, and lightweight. All of these were arguments in its favor. The fukigaeshi of hineno-jikoro are almost without exception of the small, ear-shaped variety, typically made in one piece with the hachitsuke-no-ita. The number of lames can range from four to six; typically it is five.


The kusari-jikoro is formed from a single panel “skirt” of fabric faced with mail (hence the name “kusari”—mail—shikoro). Sometimes the skirt is made in multiple sections like the gesan-jikoro. Often, as well, the skirt may be covered with small metal plates in addition to, or instead of, mail. Such a shikoro was a “low rent” piece and would not as a rule have been worn by men of rank.


The ichimai-jikoro, a shikoro consisting of only a single lame (hence the name), was very rare. Several examples survive, however, and almost all of them are on momonari kabuto. It has one clear advantage—a considerable reduction in mass and weight—but a resultant reduction in protection. A few examples may have been made with steeper shikoro, but the ones that survive are almost all broad and high, almost like the first plate in a kasa-jikoro.


The kasa-jikoro derives its name from the kasa, or umbrella. The earlier period kasa-jikoro were almost parallel to the ground, but those of the sixteenth century were more down-ward sweeping. They still retained a wider silhouette and so retained the name. The fukigaeshi styles used ran the gamut from sublime to rediculous. Most commonly, kasa-jikoro had three lames.


Ichimanjū means “one curvature” and derives from the fact that only the hachitsuke-no-ita really has any sense of a curve to it. Like the kasa-jikoro, it has a slight dishing in addition to its wraparound formation. Unlike the kasa-jikoro, however, the ichimanjū has five or six lames, and they extend out and down rather than just out.

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